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Igniting the Magic Within~ A Woman’s Empowering Retreat

“I Am here to Live…Laugh…Love…Celebrate…Expand…IGNITE and UNLEASH! I Am POWER…I Am MAGIC…In Honouring that I am FREE…Free to PLAY!”    ~ Heather Boudreau Join us as we give ourSelves permission in a WEL-Systems® based context of accelerated evolution, to BE the Magic that each of us is through conversations to Ignite the Magical Essence of the Relationship with Self! This… Read more »

Women’s Awakenings~ Love of Self and Others, in Antigonish, NS!

I am Extending an invitation for a a Women’s Awakening ~Love of Self and Other’s . It will be held in Antigonish, NS at the Alaya meditation centre on 319 Main St. From 6:30pm-9:30pm on Thursday July 3rd and July 10th we will gather in the great company of women to discover through great curiosity the notion of Loving ourSelves… Read more »

Shaping Our Worlds from the Inside: Letting the Walls Down

  “Who would we have the potential to become as Women, if we let go of the outer walls of ‘strong’ that keeps life from shaping us and rediscovered the internal strength and flow of our own organic Life…Leading ourSelves from this place and discovering that to be what reshapes our Lives and our Worlds effortlessly!”   This… Read more »

Dodging a bullet?

It all feels very different when it’s personal; when someone you care about is living the challenges that Gaia is unleashing upon the planet.  As I watch the images from Canmore, Alberta to all around the globe, I am reminded of the ‘hype’ around the impending global-annhilation predicted for 2012.  And here we are – 2013 and counting… and our… Read more »

From Impulse to Expression

In our lives, we travel many roads and experience many discoveries.  Perhaps the greatest of them all is to tap into the wellspring of genius that lives within, waiting only to weave its way through the network of beliefs of our own limitations.  Once found, we become free to create and  manifest.   Louise A recording by Louise LeBrun; duration… Read more »