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Igniting the Magic Within~ A Woman’s Empowering Retreat

“I Am here to Live…Laugh…Love…Celebrate…Expand…IGNITE and UNLEASH! I Am POWER…I Am MAGIC…In Honouring that I am FREE…Free to PLAY!”    ~ Heather Boudreau Join us as we give ourSelves permission in a WEL-Systems® based context of accelerated evolution, to BE the Magic that each of us is through conversations to Ignite the Magical Essence of the Relationship with Self! This… Read more »

A Moment to Reflect…

I look outside my window and am mesmerized by the blaze of glory that is Fall! In this moment of quiet contemplation, it is difficult to believe that snow will soon begin to fall. Can the year have unfolded so quickly? For many, this is a time to pause… reflect… and identify all that has filled the soul and leads the… Read more »

Living A Life Beyond Problems: Evoking The Sacred Curiosity of Our Being

Are we willing to reclaim our birthright of curiosity? I am aware and choose to engage from the deep commitment I hold for my own evolution, my sojourn of discovery, and the dance I find mySelf in, still at times, IS…looking for “an answer” to…whatever in the moment I might consider as a problem, and then in a breath, what… Read more »

Women’s Awakenings~ Love of Self and Others, in Antigonish, NS!

I am Extending an invitation for a a Women’s Awakening ~Love of Self and Other’s . It will be held in Antigonish, NS at the Alaya meditation centre on 319 Main St. From 6:30pm-9:30pm on Thursday July 3rd and July 10th we will gather in the great company of women to discover through great curiosity the notion of Loving ourSelves… Read more »

Finding Ourselves in the Dark ~ OmPlace/AltWire Article

  “For some, it takes chaos and upheaval to even hear, let alone pay attention to, the call to our own greatness. Dis-eases of body, mind and spirit lay claim to who we are and carve out new roadmaps through our own evolution. In our darkest hour… our deepest moments of despair…..we find hope in the small ray of light… Read more »