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Engaging and Awakening Other’s~ with Holly Irons and Jaime Lowe, October 19th/16 – October 23rd/16 in Beautiful, Rural Salt Springs, NS

Welcome, I am delighted you have found yourself here. I am Holly Irons, a WEL-Systems® CODE Model™ Coach and Affiliate and I am offering a five-day intensive program that is offered to those that have previously engaged in the five-day intensive “Decloaking and Living Authentically”. Decloaking was about the first chakra awakening, owning safety within the body, whereas Engaging and… Read more »

Igniting the Magic Within~ A Woman’s Empowering Retreat

“I Am here to Live…Laugh…Love…Celebrate…Expand…IGNITE and UNLEASH! I Am POWER…I Am MAGIC…In Honouring that I am FREE…Free to PLAY!”    ~ Heather Boudreau Join us as we give ourSelves permission in a WEL-Systems® based context of accelerated evolution, to BE the Magic that each of us is through conversations to Ignite the Magical Essence of the Relationship with Self! This… Read more »

Reclaiming A Life Worth Living- an experience in Quantum Healing

Reclaiming A Life Worth Living- an experience in Quantum Healing This is where Safety, the Sacred and Quantum Science dance together to become our greatest invitation back home to ourSelves! Come ‘Be’ with YourSelf in a small, intimate group of woman to adventure in what else may be possible for You. We will consider what moving from an externally referenced… Read more »

Decloaking and Living Authentically~ Awakening Our Sacred LeaderSelf.

Decloaking and Living Authentically ~ Awakening the Sacred LeaderSelf October 20-24/14 ~Transformation is the natural byproduct of our willingness to be the truth of our experience~ Join Jaime Lowe-Roach and Naomi Irons for this life enriching 5-day experience in stunning Pictou, Nova Scotia. Have you been seeking transformation in your own life? Are you ready to move beyond technique, practice… Read more »

Women Awakenings: Listening to our Authentic Self

Hello, I am Jaime Lowe-Roach. I have been on a journey of accelerated evolution now for almost three years and have learned to live and engage my life in a new paradigm. As a WEL-Systems CODE Model Coach and Affiliate I am pleased to announce two Women Awakenings: Awakening our Intuitive force within. To live a truly meaningful life to… Read more »