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The Illusion Of Gender

Tonight I find myself in a very different place…yet again. I am experiencing the notion of gender as very discordant in the tissue of my being. With increasing frequency I am reading articles, posts,…and it is almost like certain words or passages are hilighted. I hear certain phrases or expressions and feel the shudder in my body. I am hyperaware… Read more »


Wow I’ve had a few interesting days of intense energy… pain, waves, being in my body, being out of my body, being pulled in multiple dimensions, not recognizing my body, and not knowing what to do with my body… I guess the most succinct explanation is I’m morphing, shifting, evolving at this moment on a massive scale. At least that… Read more »

Sustainability Is A Choice

This blog was originally posted at Engaging Wellness.  “Creating a life and creating a lifestyle are not the same thing. When I surrender meaning in my life to pay for my lifestyle, the price is too high.” Louise LeBrun, Founder WEL-Systems® Institute Our relationship with the planet is bankrupt. As a species we no longer recognize what is sustainable…where the… Read more »

The Art Of Asking

How many times do I edit myself in asking for what I want, what I need. I choose not to engage in what is truly authentically unfolding within me out of a sense of shame. Shame which is another internal dialogue holding me hostage to my past, to my story. I have watched this amazing TED talks several times over… Read more »

Through The Lens Of Food

This blog was originally posted at Engaging Wellness.  Our relationship with food is actually very intimate, yet do we consciously engage in our experience? When I hear people say they don’t care about food, I hear a distancing, a bracing against our physical interaction with our world. Food and our interaction with it, is representative of so much for me…. Read more »