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My ‘C’ Words

Genie   August 10, 2017   No Comments on My ‘C’ Words

Continue to celebrate your innate truth and every opportunity you have to know your truth.   I love BSI sessions [] with Sheila Winter Wallace. I go with something lurking in the back of my mind and playing out in my body and, within a few hours, I’m clear about what was bugging me.  I’ve worked through and metabolized it…. Read more »

10 Ways Schools Are Making Children Stupid and Depressed — My Thoughts

I quibble with the suggestion that the education system makes children ‘stupid’. However, I believe that it is so structured that many students suffer from mental stress.  And I believe that it misses so many opportunities to help students know who they are and, thus, potential is squandered.   Recently, I read 10 Ways Schools are Making Children Stupid and… Read more »

Inviting School Success — Review

For ALL educators — and we are all  educators ….   Inviting School Success Wm. W Purkey ISBN 13: 9780534028916 Publisher: Wadsworth Pub Co, 1984   Inviting School Success by William Purkey, a Professor of Counselling and Development at the University of North Carolina at Greensboro, provides teachers and administrators with a way of thinking about what is truly worthwhile and valuable in… Read more »