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In our seemingly endless search for a spiritual connection, and having been relentlessly conditioned to always look for answers outside of ourselves, we have developed the habit of seeking out the more esoteric practices and traditions of what we hold as the legacy of an ancient people. In our journey of discovery, we believe that somehow, these ‘others’ knew something we don’t – or at best, something that we’ve long forgotten – and that to rekindle our connection to our god of choice, we must rediscover this ancient knowing. And when we find it, we will find our Selves and finally have come home!

In this relentless and often frantic search to reclaim the treasure that is our own connection to ‘Self’ and/or ‘God’, our paths guide us through myriad spiritual practices that include effort of body, mind and soul. In those moments of what we hold as having found something, we are filled with joy! In those subsequent moments of discovering even more of our rituals and guides, we end up disappointed and back in the search…again…

What if we were to discover that in order to find what we’re looking for, we have to surrender the search? What if we were to discover that in the surrender – in the moment of our being still and willing to stop…and wait… - what we have long been seeking can finally find us? What if we were to discover that there is nothing for us to ‘do’ – and so much for us to just ‘be’ – and the prize will be ours?

After copious amounts of time, effort, dollars and distance, I’ve come to conclude that the farthest, deepest journey is the one that I’ve learned to take inside myself. Moving into this internal Universe has allowed me not only to discover more of who I Am but has allowed me to be seen and heard and touched by others. What is outside now matches what’s inside….and there is always more!

This journey took me to the Hawaiian Islands and an extensive exploration not only of the practices of the ancient Hawaiians but also of the context – then and now – within which they are expressed. The ways of the ancient Hawaiians have long been kept sacred in the Crucible that is Huna. As a body of knowledge that includes ritual, chant, dance and energy work, Huna encompasses all that was real and true and – yes – mundane about living life every single day. Their philosophy, psychology, religion, social expectations and healing practices were all held in the secret that was Huna. And yet, it was not passed on from one generation to the next through study – it was modeled through living; through ‘being’ the living expressions of what Huna represented. Huna was living through those who found it alive within themselves.

Let me preface the following by saying that in my journey of discovery, what I’ve found is that Huna is as unique as the person experiencing it. In a quantum Universe, we know without question that the observer affects the observed…that what’s being taught does not stand as an absolute but is a reflection or by-product of the awareness of the teacher. There are many who teach Huna and are certain that the rituals and the practices represent the ‘rules’ or ‘frameworks’ for this approach to spirituality. In my quantum Universe, I know that these things are no more than reminders… invitations… for me to call up from within myself that which I already know. The freedom from dogma and its ‘formula’ application is as huge as you’re willing to allow it to be! The more you release yourself from the ‘shoulds/mustn’t/musts, the more profound the impact of this greatest of invitations to Self.

In my quantum experience, there is a warmth and an ease to Huna that leaves one feeling cherished. No punitive gods here! A gentle yet powerful invitation to step into the full flow of the god that you already are; a process and practices that allow for integration of the Three Selves – Body, Mind and Spirit – to increase flow of vital force to and through the body, Huna offers ritual and practice without requiring that you be taken hostage by it.

Simplicity… ease… comfort… acceptance… these are the framework within which I believe the magic that is Huna opens its arms to you. Trusting you to trust yourself, and guiding you to find the Self that is at the very source of who you are as you move through the world, the ways of the ancients call up from deep inside your being – from the very cells within the flesh of this world – that which you already know and always will. Consider for a moment that in thousands of years, when the residue of our own culture is explored, we will have become ‘the ancients’ that we seek. Perhaps we can begin now to claim from inside ourselves that which our progeny will covet!

We are reminded that the purpose of ritual and practice is not the thing itself, but as a metaphor to remind us to search inside – where we live – to find what waits for us. The power of any ritual or practice resides in its capacity to awaken us from our deepest of slumbers; to cause us to flow into movement and gently wipe the sleep from our eyes, and to rise up to our full measure as we move through the world. To be seduced into thinking that the ritual or practice is that which has value is to continue to hold ourselves separate from the Life Force that moves inside us. Ritual serves as a reminder in a physical world of that which is available in the non-physical world. We would do well to remember which comes first.

As much as Huna holds the potential for a Spear response, it is by its very essence a massive Crucible for awareness, evolution and transformation. How, when and to what degree we choose to allow ourselves to flow into this Crucible determines our ability to manifest, in a physical world, that which we know to be the essence of who we are.

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There is much that you can read about Huna, by a variety of authors that include Serge Kahili King, Laura Yardley and Max Freedom Long. There are simple and yet powerful basic notions of Huna, like that of the Three Selves – all of which are aspects of your own expression; and the distinctions made between the Path to Personal Power and the Path to Personal Mastery – and these are not the same. What is considered Personal Mastery occurs when the flow of Vital Force moves from the Higher Self (i.e Source, God, Great Spirit, etc.) to the Lower Self (the physical body) and into expression through the Middle Self (the intellect, reason, logic…..and choice). In this moment, we are shown to demonstrate that ‘god’ does not exist outside of us or above us, with the requirement that we leave ourselves to go to another place to find; but that every single thought and expression and movement through our daily lives in a physical world has become an expression of the flow of that ‘Source’ through the physical body and into manifestation.

How many of us could tell the stories of those we’ve encountered who hold themselves as ‘spiritual’ and yet, to spend 40 minutes with them in conversation or the simple act of sharing a meal, is more than we can take! Such ‘spirituality’ is entombed in the concrete of dogma and the righteous arrogance of ‘knowing’ the answer for us all. The expression of Huna in a quantum age encourages no such delusions.

Consider what your life might become if you were to discover that the strength of your connection to Source – to that which feeds you and calls Life into and through you – does not lie in work and struggle and effort, but in relaxing into the body and allowing that which is already present to move through you, engage your world of body and mind at higher levels of expression, and become in the world – right now! – evidence for the genius that you already are.

Wouldn't life be a joy!


Louise LeBrun has been changing lives - including her own! - for more than 25 years. In times of uncertainty, agitation and fear, she believes that what is inside us will shape what unfolds outside of us, as evidenced by the choices we make. Her original and extensive collection of books, CDís and guided experiences have been helping women to trust the truth of their own experience, redefining and reclaiming leadership for a new world.

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