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May 2010
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Decloaking... and living authentically!

Date: June 21st-25th 2010
Time: 9am to 5pm
Stonehame Chalets, Pictou Nova Scotia

Busy world…busy times. Changes and challenges. Uncertainty. So much advice from so many sources. Behind the roles we play is the potential we carry for the creation of our own life. Not one out of habituation, passed down through the generations, but an Authentic, meaningful and rich life full of possibility.

It is not just about how to keep up. It is about learning how to trust yourself- and discover how to awaken to more powerful and effective ways of moving through [...]

Women's Retreat: Sexual, Sensual and Spiritual Beings

Mark your calendar and clear the path to ensure you’re at the
Delta Fredericton –  September 28 to October 1, 2010
This is one four-day adventure you don’t want to miss!

Sexual, Sensual and Spiritual Beings is for women of all ages who are seeking a more powerful place to stand as a woman, partner/mate/spouse, mother/daughter… and most importantly, as her own person.  This provocative-yet-safe, compelling-yet-inviting exploration is a living expression of what becomes possible when women gather in small groups, talking… about the things that can transform their lives.

An Emerging Futures experience – not to be missed!

Register now and reserve your place.  Your [...]

Decloaking... and living authentically is Coming to Toronto

Date: July 20 – 24, 2010 – Take time to rediscover you.
Time: 9:30 am to 5pm
Location: Kingbridge Conference Centre, King City, Toronto, Ontario

Listen to Lisa’s brief overview on Decloaking…

[Audio clip: view full post to listen]

Change does not have to take a long time…

In this journey to Self, you will discover you are more than what you have been told.  This exploration will enable you to take the leap, so you can begin to live the life you want now! This experience will be facilitated by Lisa J. Weiss, “I welcome the opportunity [...]

New Offering: Meg Wheatley

Check out Meg Wheatley’s new book on Perseverance.  Self-select to receive free excerpts from this book via email, as inspirational moments to enliven your day!

Already a fan of Meg’s earlier book Leadership and the New Science?  Explore Louise’s first book – Fully Alive: Awakening Health, Humor, Compassion and Truth – as the practical application of how to bring quantum notions to life in day-to-day reality!  Follow the link (above) for free access to the first 38 pages of this book.

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Visit Louise in Oakville, Ontario - June 15th

Join Louise and other WEL-Systems® Professionals at the Journey to Success conference on Tuesday, June 15, 2010  in Oakville, Ontario where The WEL-Systems Institute will be an exhibitor at this event.  Original and cutting-edge WEL-Systems books and CD’s will be available for purchase at this event –  obtain special product pricing and save shipping and handling costs when you purchase these amazing products at this conference.

If you are curious about Decloaking and Living Authentically, the accelerated and profoundly life-altering five-day intensive, come and talk about your interest as there is a plan to offer this experience in the Toronto area this summer [...]

Naomi Irons on YogaHeart Radio

Join Naomi Irons and Mandee Moon as they explore the WEL-Systems® context for living and a life lived in full flow on YogaHeart Radio

Wednesday May 26th, 2010
1:30-3:30 pm (Atlantic time)
on Yogeheart Radio.

To listen and to find out more about YogaHeart Radio at  http://www.yogaheart.ca/yogaheartradio/index.htm

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Reclaiming Your Self - Show TODAY ~ schedule updates

Have you been listening every Thursday morning? Are you a subscriber to the podcast?

Today’s show is a bit different – are you ready for an experience of ‘awakened presence’?  At 10 AM EDT, Listen to Episode 11 ~ Guided Reflection for Accelerated Evolution: Invite and Allow and and make time to discover more about yourself.  Join Louise as she shares with you a full experience from the WEL-Systems Guided Reflections CD series. Designed to create an experience of Awakened Presence, this complete experience (including set-up and guided process) is taken from theEnergy and [...]

Conversations from Within - Igniting and Claiming Your Fire

Join Naomi Irons, certified CODE Model Coach™, in Conversations from Within – Igniting and Claiming Your Fire. This sacred 3 hour conversation will dive into the unfamiliar territory of the fire within us. Come explore and discover fire is laughter, tears, rage and it is all simply information waiting for the body to process! This experience is limited to a small group – register now to reserve your place.

For more information… and to register, CLICK HERE

Saturday May 22nd, 2 – 5:00 pm
Cost: $50.00 (plus HST)
@ Renew Massage Therapy Clinic,
462 [...]

New Recording... and more coming

For the next few weeks, a new audio recording by Lisa J. Weiss will be released every Monday. Based on some of Lisa’s writings and blog entries, these short pieces can inspire you to discover your own insights and potential.

The first recording released is Time, Space and Matter and can be found in the Engage WEL-Systems area. Select Listen to be presented with the available items for you to hear, share, and comment on.

To discover more of Lisa’s writings, her work and about her, visit Lisa’s Journey at I of the Storm Coaching

Please share with those you care about that they, [...]

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