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April 2018
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eWomenNetwork Product Package

Take advantage of this special product package and discover a great way to propel yourself into your future… NOW!  

Recieve the ground-breaking book Fully Alive with two CD sets - Women Awakening (a 2-CD set exploring women trusting the truth of their own experience) and the popular Guided Reflections 2-CD set  Energy and the Chakras.  Discover what many others are already living: how to shift your reality and carve out a new pathway into a meaningfully sustainable life.  This package is for you if you want to move beyond talking about a new life and discover how to live it!

Sold separately with a retail value of $94.85, you can take advantage of the Special Pricing of just $69.95 when you order the complete set.

For those attending the online eWomenNetwork Success Institute event on Tuesday, March 29th, with Louise as Featured Guest, use the provided Promo Code and save an additional $20!  Act now and don’t miss this special opportunity!

To see other available product specials, visit the online store.

Louise's New Article on the Chakras

Be sure to check out Louise’s new article on Chakras and the Quantum Biological Human™ in Issue 101, July 25/09 of the ByRegion Healer’s Newsletter.

Excerpted from the new, 2-CD Guided Reflections: Energy and the Chakras, this non-traditional approach to working with the flow of energy and information through the body invites you to consider your body as a quantum biological processor with you as the signal moving through it.  The chakras – or energy centers – are essential to ensuring flow of information (past, current and future) in and through the tissue to guide you to full expression of your Authentic Self.

Visit the online Store to find out more about the CD’s and listen to sound clips.

Review of Dementia/Alzheimer's CD

If you have loved ones who are experiencing dementia/Alzheimer’s or are caregiver’s for those who are facing this challenge, take the time to visit Mary Nix’s experience of listening to this new CD.  As a regular blog contributor for EldercareABC – a community committed to shared, respectful and loving attention of those who have come before – Mary knows well the demands for caring for those who can no longer care for themselves.    TO-LL-DA-LD

Thoughts On… Dementia/Alzheimer’s with Louise LeBrun and her 84 years-young mother, Lorna, offers hope in a world that is often lived with the shades pulled down and conversations silenced in sadness and a sense of despair.  Lorna’s journey with her husband’s decline brings hope and humour where far too often, both are lost in the fading memories of a once-vital member of our family/community.  In her journey, you may find a different way to travel your own.

To order  your copy, visit the online Store.

New CD: Intimacy, Birth and Rebirth

Join Louise in conversation with Naomi Irons-Hill as they move easily and effortlessly through topics that cause so many to feel uncomfortable and unsure. Naomi shares her journey of personal discovery, with its challenges and insights; and speaks to her deep commitment to engage with other women that they might find their voice, knowing that they are not alone.
For more information and to hear an audio sample from this intimate and compelling exchange, visit the we page on  Thoughts On… Intimacy, Birth and Rebirth

A Registered Massage Therapist (RMT) and Doula-in-training, Naomi is also a soon-to-be-Certified CODE Model Coach™.  Her depth of caring and compassion are palpable; and her courage and commitment are deeply rooted in the wisdom that comes from more than a decade of working intimately with others.  If you’re seeking to journey into your own capacity for creation and prefer not to do so alone, you will have chosen wisely to have Naomi by your side.

Order your copy now!

At last! Guided Reflections with Louise!

Thank you for your patience!  Many of you have repeatedly encouraged the creation of those memorable and life-altering guided-process moments on CD… and we’ve been listening!

Reflecting the magic of the accelerated journey that the in-room experiential intensives offer, you can now relax into those moments of profound discovery, at will and when the time is right for you.  Choose from the first four sets in an ongoing, developing series to awaken the senses and reconnect to a much deeper truth that lies within. GR-Awakening

These Guided Reflections are not what you might think.  Designed to draw you into the body and awaken the tissue, cutting-edge thinking combines with invitations to let go and allow your body to lead.  Unlike other guided processes that encourage you to leave your body, these guide you to find ease and comfort in those much deeper places within… surrendering to the moment and transforming how you live, right here and now!

Guided Reflections with Louise are designed to reflect the journey of awakening, choosing and connecting; and redefining our experience of energy – offering easily accessible and profoundly moving moments from which to choose.  Although each set of 2-CD’s stands alone, acceleration becomes possible as you step onto the path of discovery in a sequence intended to make your enlivened presence accessible NOW!

Energy and the Chakras – challenges existing notions of energy and the chakras; invites redefining how you define yourself!

Awakening the Body – begins the exploration with an awareness that not only is the body key to creating a more powerful way to live, it is the essential gateway to what you seek!

Life is a Choice – reminds you that from one breath to the next, your life is yours to create.

Connecting to Self – invites enlivened presence as a way of ‘being’ rather than anything you need do.

(Click on the links to hear audio excerpts from these recordings and to order online.)

Guided Reflections - Special 4 Set Package

In a world that often encourages you
to separate your mind from your body,
these CD sets stand out as very different!

Choose one that resonates with this moment of your journey; or take advantage of the Special 4 Set Package and receive all four. Take your first leaps back to the intuitive genius that you are. Either way, your life will never be the same again!

Order your set today!

New CD : Perfect Life – Still Dying?

Join Louise LeBrun in conversation with Lisa J. Weiss for this Thoughts On... exploration into authentic living. TO-LJW-PL-SD

“My life is perfect! Why do I feel like I’m still dying?”  This lament is not uncommon amongst women who have strived and achieved; women who have fulfilled their intentions and often exceeded expectations… only to discover that something feels empty inside.  This compelling and candid exploration will help you make sense of why the outside and the inside don’t seem to match.  

Listen to a sample and order your copy online today!

New CD on Dementia/Alzheimer's

Join Louise in a candid and poignant conversation with her mother, Lorna, as they explore what has made the difference in her  25-year journey as her husband slowly drifted into the world of a frontal lobe dementia. TO-LL-ALZ

Open, clear, honest and direct, their approach to ensuring sustained care for a loved one has also ensured that Lorna did not lose herself to this condition.  With a sense of humour and a determination to live fully, their exploration offers hope (and some practical advice) to those who are faced with this challenge in their lives.  

Take time to listen to a sound byte and order your copy online today!

CODE Model Guide™ Certification – June 16-19/Ottawa

Already credentialed in your coaching field of practice? Tired of the same-old/same-old? Ready for more?

decodeingseriesIf you know there’s more and have been looking to discover how else you might engage for a more enlivened way of living – for you and your clients – take the leap beyond techniques and discover CODE Model Coaching™ ! Moving from a paradigm of ‘doing’ (i.e. tips, techniques, practices, etc.) to a Paradigm of Being both invites and demands that we awaken to new ways of engaging and moving through our lives.

 Coaching doesn’t change – we change. CODE Model Coaching is the leap that takes us from the process of the intellect to a place of trusting and acting with the intuitive. DeCODEing Coaching: The Merlin Factor builds on your existing credentials and guides you through an experience of yourself that helps you discover the magic: that your own evolution is the way to invite others into theirs.

 Register now and join a small group of curious and committed coaches as they engage this certification experience as evidence of their commitment to their own evolution. After all, you can’t give what you haven’t got – and DeCODEing Coaching will give you what you’ve been looking for! 

Not sure you’re ready to engage?  Consider the 11-disc CODE Model Coaching CD program.  17225141-cmcpkg1Listening at your leisure, you’ll get a chance to discover what awaits you in a real-life, real-time adventure in the Program Room.  Order your set now and begin the journey of acceleration of your own evolution that is essential to facilitating one with your clients.   You’ll be amazed at what you’ve never thought possible!

Already a Certified CODE Model Coach™ ?  Stay up-to-date with the latest developments and thinking in this living, ever-evolving potent paradigm for accelerated awakening.  Engage the experience physically or energetically – but choose to engage!  That is, after all, what makes the difference.

New CD Package – CODE Model Coaching™

Some Coaches seek personal growth in those moments when their own lives are profoundly challenged.  Others have discovered the great joy of personal growth as a way of being.  Now, in this new 11-CD package, discover the impact of ‘authentic presence’ as a mindful way to engage your own life and that of your clients. 17225141-cmcpkg

Combining Part 1: A New Way to Engage (which offers ‘the big picture’ and an overview of the potential of engaging with others in this new paradigm for living) and Part 2:  The Awakened Self (an in-depth exploration of the impact of authenticity and how to get there) with a Bonus CD of Guided Reflections designed to reconnect body, mind and spirit, this Acceleration Package will propel you beyond the limitations that intellect, alone, cannot deconstruct.  

Experience the deeper intention of The CODE Model™ and CODE Model Coaching™ with its creator, Louise LeBrun. Far beyond practice and technique; and more potent than the tools we’ve come to rely on (such as NLP, hypnosis, meditations, energy work, etc.), this invitation for your Awakened Self to engage for your own evolution and for that of the people you care about will move you quickly beyond the limitations of your own thinking.  

Heart-y and robust in both content and approach, you’ll find provocative ideas and compelling frameworks that propel you beyond what you know you know, and invite you to discover the great joy of what you don’t know, you don’t know!  

  • If you’re an experienced Certified CODE Model Coach™, you’ll be encouraged to dive deeper into your own untapped potential and engage!  
  • If you’re a Certified Coach in another approach, you’ll discover how to move beyond practice and technique to connect with the much deeper truths that await… for your own evolution and for that of your clients.  
  • If you’re thinking about connecting with a Coach to help you accelerate your own evolution, you’ll discover that CODE Model Coaching™ offers a unique perspective that delivers far more than it promises.  And couldn’t we all use more of that?  

Dive into the deep end of the pool and order you set today!

New CD – Standing Your Ground

If you’re a woman on a journey of personal discovery or if you’re seeking to find a pathway out of the life you’re living and into one of your own design, don’t miss Louise and Sheila Winter Wallace in an open, clear, honest and direct conversation about what it takes to make that happen! toswwsyg

Sheila Winter Wallace is a very informed, accomplished and credentialed woman… and yet, something was still missing in order for her to find her way home; to find her way back to herself.  In this unrehearsed exploration, you can feel those moments when you know you’re witnessing something deeply meaningful and powerful.  As you witness Sheila’s journey of reclaiming her life, you’ll gain insight into how to reclaim your own! 

Order your copy today!